Little Big Town's debut performance of 'Day Drinking' started off tame enough ... but anyone who is a fan of the country supergroup knows that they are anything but. The performance ended with the all four singers completely covered in paint!

As the group began their performance of this summer-ready song, the entire stage, including all the musicians, instruments and even the ground, were clad in pure and pristine white. The performance itself was something to talk about, with an entire drum-line backing the band and Little Big Town pulling their own stunts during the whistle-heavy chorus. But it wasn't until the last few minutes that things really got crazy.

All of sudden, the drum-line turned into chaos as, with every beat, paint flew off drum heads and splattered the white stage. Think Blue Man Group, but with loads more color and four country superstars at the center. Puffs of colored smoke obscured the band, who emerged with their previously all-white clothes covered in brilliant hues of blue, green and pink. By the end of 'Day Drinking' every inch of the stage -- and every inch of Karen, Kimberly, Jimi and Phillip -- was dripping with paint, while equally colorful streamers and confetti rained down over Bridgestone Arena. It was a performance of a lifetime and it looks like Little Big Town had one heck of a time creating it.

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