I am a mother of a little boy learning to use the potty.

Wyatt and I have spent a lot of time just the two of us because of the work his Dad does.  His Dad is out of town Monday through Friday for work on a regular week...currently he is deployed with the 190th CRD.  All in all Wyatt only has his Mommy to teach him how to be a little boy.  To my surprise regardless of the amount of time he spends around women he is still very much a little boy.  He plays with "guns" or anything he can pretend is a gun, he loves dinosaurs, and dirt...all the little boy favorites.  When it came to potty training I started Wyatt out with his Elmo Potty, also known as his pride and joy!  We have been working on this for nearly six months and have had some very successful days and some very unsuccessful days.  While I was occupied trying to cook dinner for my two little monkeys I hear a lot of noise coming from the bathroom.  When I went in Wyatt was standing up on a stool peeing in the potty! My first question was...where did he get the stool....my next question was...who taught him to pee standing up?  I asked him where he learned it, and he rolled his eyes at me and said, "Mom this is how big boys do it".  Well I guess my little two and half year old is a big boy now!

If anyone has advise on potty training little boys please let me know!