No correct answer/winner for my Puffman Sports Trivia question on Saturday morning so Saturday's morning's prize is UP FOR GRABS this afternoon (Monday) on Puffman Musical Trivia! The book I'll be giving away this afternoon at 4:35 is, "Stories From Afield: Adventures with Wild Things in Wild Places," authored by retired U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service manger Bruce L Smith. Ranging from humorous to harrowing, Smith's essays recount capturing newborn elk calves, stalking mountain goats on icy cliffs, being stranded on a mountain after riding out a helicopter crash, confrontations with bears during his research, PLUS(!) quirky & edifying hunting tales. Check the book out from the University of Nebraska Press & then stand by to WIN this afternoon on Puffman Musical Trivia. I've come up with a musical trivia question on one of the top female artists from the British Invasion by in the 60's for this afternoon.