MISSOULA – Another edition of the award-winning, University of Montana student-produced television program “Business: Made in Montana” is set to premiere across the state on MontanaPBS.

  “Business: Made in Montana” profiles businesses that call Montana home, create interesting and unique products, hire Montana workers and keep the state’s economic engine rolling. The new program will premiere at 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 1, on MontanaPBS. This episode introduces Coaster Pedicab in Bonner, Adipose Boatworks in Helena, McCollum Longboards in Missoula, Alpine Tipis in Polson, E.L.K. Inc. in Gardiner and Kochel Guitars in Potomac.
(Kochel Guitars)

Kochel Guitars embody Montana in quality and creativity. With instruments as unique as the man who makes them, Sean Kochel - a former Shelby resident - brings to life the past and present with his handmade products.

Coaster Pedicab  makes innovative transportation on wheels, making products to beat traffic and explore the city, while still being environmentally friendly. More information on the business is online at
Adipose Boatworks looks to stand out from other fishing boat companies to get recreation enthusiasts on the river in style.
McCollum Custom Longboards owner Craig McCollum has turned his passion for both woodworking and longboarding into a business. No two of the custom longboards are alike.
The husband-and-wife team at Alpine Tipis  have found that working together can lead to a successful and rewarding business.
E.L.K. Inc. allows anyone to use the call of the wild. Their handmade calling equipment helps to bring in elk, deer and wolves anywhere in the world.
(Photo: Kochel Guitars)

    Students at the UM School of Journalism and Department of Radio-Television produced the program during spring semester 2016. Junior journalism student Mederios Whitworth-Babb from Butte hosts the program. During the past 23 years, “Business: Made in Montana” has featured more than 200 different businesses.

     “Business: Made in Montana” is made possible with support from the Greater Montana Foundation. Founded by pioneer broadcaster Ed Craney in 1958, the GMF provides grants to improve the quality of communications of important issues through electronic media. MontanaPBS comprises KUFM-TV in Missoula and KUSM-TV in Bozeman and is a service of UM and Montana State University. More information is online.