7 continents. 7 skydives. 7 days. A Navy SEAL from Montana's Flathead Valley will soon be taking off on an incredible expedition. It's all part of an effort to raise money for scholarships in support of the families of fallen and disabled service members and first responders.

Andy Stumpf is a retired Navy SEAL who was featured recently on Joe Rogan's podcast. He is one of the co-founders of Legacy Expeditions that will be taking part in the Triple 7 Expedition with a team of veterans coming up in January.

I spoke with his fellow co-founder and Navy SEAL Mike Sarraille on Veterans Day in Montana.

Mike Sarraille: There's nothing more extreme than combat. I don't care if you're jumping, doing the space dive, or climbing Everest. It's not as intense as combat when your life is on the line. So naturally, Legacy Expeditions marries extreme expeditions and extreme adventure with former veterans. And it is a reawakening. It is a spiritual thing that sort of gives you that thrill again without being shot at. Now, Legacy expeditions has two missions both behind that word legacy. One, to tell the story of those that that did not come home, to keep their legacy alive by keeping the stories alive. And then the second is raising money for the education of their legacy- those kids that they left behind.

Stumpf and Sarraille are both retired Tier 1 special operators. Here's what Sarraille had to say about the upcoming Triple 7 Expedition.

Mike Sarraille: Andy broke the wingsuit record- two records in fact, and raised about $500,000 for the Navy SEAL Foundation. In total, we've raised close to $750,000, and we're trying to raise $7 million for Folds of Honor for 1,400 scholarships for kids and spouses of military families as well as first responders. So Triple Seven is seven continents,seven days, seven jumps.We'll start in Antarctica, we'll hit Santiago, Chile/ Miami/ Barcelona/ Cairo- over the pyramids/ Abu Dhabi and UAE and then Peru. It's never been done even though about 20 groups have tried it before. But hey man, when you task a group of former Special Operations soldiers, we will find a way- come hell or high water- we will find a way to get this done and to set two world records.

Full audio with Navy SEAL Mike Sarraille:


Click here for more info and to donate to the Triple 7 Expedition.

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