BOZEMAN – Montana State University Extension has moved its website to a new address as of early December. Online Extension resources, including those available locally to residents in all counties and reservations across Montana, will now be housed at

Previously, the site was at, and users visiting the previous site location will be redirected automatically to the new web address. MSU Extension Director of Communications John Hawley expressed excitement about the move.

“Transitioning our site within will result in a greater number of online visitors,” he said. “This means our online educational resources will reach a broader audience and our faculty and staff will attract more attendees to Extension programs.”

In addition, the change facilitates technical improvements, including better visibility and branding and enhanced web security, Hawley said. MSU Web and Digital Communications Director Justin Arndt worked closely with MSU Extension to plan the transition this fall, with input from other entities across campus, such as MSU IT.

“This transition will result in significant improvements to the online presence of MSU Extension,” Arndt said. “Our team is now in a much better position to serve Extension and their constituents across Montana.”

Arndt said that users searching for online resources or connections with statewide faculty and staff through search engines such as Google will have an easier time finding MSU Extension at its new online location.

Hawley said more website improvements, including a new staff directory, improved databases and a new web store, are underway.

“The resources and connections we offer to the people and places of Montana are now more readily available than ever before,” he said.

- by MSU News Service -

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