The Montana State University Cooperative Extension Service has introduced  The Soil Scoop, a new 2-page series from MSU's Soil Fertility Extension program providing condensed information on assorted soil fertility topics.

People needing soil fertility information want it short and simple, and quick and easy to find.
This was made clear by Agriculture Extension Agents and Certified Crop Advisers who
responded to a survey by Clain Jones, MSU Extension soil fertility specialist. People
want the Cliff Notes version of Extension bulletins, in a format they can share with producers. In response to that request, Jones' program has started producing
The Soil Scoop.
The Soil Scoop is the place to find two page fact sheets on a variety of soil fertility topics. These are intended for quick reference and to pass along to others. They usually cite other articles or bulletins for further reading if more in depth information is sought.
Jones says his program is working to provide Soil Scoops for most of their soil nutrient management Extension publications.
At this point there are Soil Scoops on

Soil Scoops are available as free download pdf files (Click on the titles above to download.) To request individual hard copies, contact Jones at
or 994-6076.

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