First-time ACMs host Luke Bryan took a break from his gig cracking jokes at co-host Blake Shelton's expense in order to perform his new single 'Crash My Party' during Sunday's 2013 ACM Awards broadcast. It was almost like he crashed his own party, since he was emceeing. The producers certainly got their money's worth, since both Bryan and Shelter both pulled double duty as hosts and performers.

Bryan began the song, a sweet ballad, by playing piano before getting up to stand while singing and moving closer to the audience, engaging the fans in the front row with his energy. He didn't employ much in the way of production or props for the performance -- save for lots of lighting and design -- but he really didn't need any excess bells and whistles.

The performance was more about Bryan's voice, the song, and that billion dollar smile, which he took the time to flash multiple times during the performance. No wonder he has such a large female fanbase!

Bryan mentioned in his Billboard cover story that he loves what he does, and that definitely showed on his face during tonight's ACMs performance.

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