Kelly Clarkson’s title track from her most recent album, “Piece by Piece,” is a vulnerable song reflective of her own past, and the new music video is a testament to its personal meaning for the artist. The black-and-white montage shows Clarkson singing to the camera, interspersed with images of women who are presumably going through similar hardships.

Clarkson’s father abandoned her family when she was young, and the song centers around that pain and her husband, Brandon Blackstock, picking up those broken pieces of her heart and putting them back together. In a recent interview, Clarkson talked about how different her husband is than her father.

“My husband came into my life and he was the complete opposite of how my father was,” Kelly tells CBS This Morning. “He was present. He wins for being around.”

The video shows somber symbolic images throughout — a closing door, a man letting go of a woman’s hand — but keeps an air of triumph as Clarkson continues the song, explaining her restored faith “that a man could be kind and a father could stay” through Blackstock.

The winning shot, though, is Clarkson with her baby daughter River Rose at the end, smiling and giving each other kisses. In the song, Clarkson vows to never leave her daughter like her father left her, and this beautiful moment is proof.

Check out the full video above. Clarkson had to cancel a round of shows at the end of her Piece by Piece tour due to vocal issues, but she’s also recently shared that she’s had a rough second pregnancy, much like her first.

“I’m familiar with all-day sickness,” she joked. “I have to get IVs and fluids because I get so dehydrated. It’s really bad.”

She has revealed that baby No. 2 is a boy, and though no official due date has been released, he is expected to arrive early next year.

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