I gotta say, I was very impressed with the two guys who showed up at the Yellowstone International Air Show in Billings, Montana dressed as "Ice Man" and "Maverick." These guys are great impersonators, but they also seem like generally good guys as well.

These were long hot days during the air show, and these guys stopped and talked to almost everyone possible- and they always had smiles on their faces.

One young man ran into Ice Man, but he somehow missed running into Maverick- played by Jerome LeBlanc. Thanks to one of the air show organizers, our friend Jake Penwell, young Kellan was able to get a special message from Maverick.

Yellowstone International Air Show: Our buddy, Kellan, received a special message from none other than “Maverick” and witnessing his face light up was the perfect reminder of what the air show was all about - the joy, the wonder, and the connections made. Thank you Jerome LeBlanc for bringing so much joy to all!
 Kellan's mom Christina shared this note via Facebook:
When we went to the air show Kellan got to meet “Iceman”, which was great, but he looked all over for Maverick, but never saw him-truly his only downside to an amazing day! Well the stars aligned and some very amazing people worked to come up with something special for Kellan, and absolutely special it was!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Jake Penwell and Amy O'Neil Penwell, this meant so much to us!
 Check out the video below:

2023 Yellowstone International Air Show in Billings, Montana

After over 20 years since the last air show came to Billings, the Yellowstone International Air Show returned and brought an amazing show!

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