Saturday morning, I had the new book, "Live Happy; Ten Practices for Choosing Joy," by Deborah K. Heisz & the Editors of Live Happy Magazine" up for grabs. Things were going relatively well, for the most part, on my 7:30 sports broadcast but, when it came to the Puffman Sports Trivia, I got the both the question & answer mixed up. How was I supposed to know that there were TWO Jack Dempsey's! Things went from bad to worse & my "Joyful" "Live Happy" book ended up NOT being given away to some lucky, & hopefully, "Joyful," listener. Wishing to make lemons out of lemonade, I'm featuring the book this afternoon (Monday) at 4:35 on Puffman MUSICAL Trivia. "Live Happy" is igniting a month-long March to Happiness celebration, which incudes a variety of initiatives that should manifest happiness in our listener's lives, as well as help make a positive & lasting difference in the lives of others. "Live Happy" goes on sale nationwide NEXT Tuesday, & NEXT Saturday, the 19th, folks will have a chance to celebrate in-person at a Happiness Wall location that's going to be set up in cities across the country. I'm going to see if we could build a wall in our KSEN parking lot. Perhaps this is a job for Trump. By the way, Sunday, March 20th is the International Day of Happiness for what that's worth! For the 1st caller this afternoon at 4:35 on Puffman Musical Trivia & win the "Happy" book. We'll be flashing back to the Summer of Love, 1967, for today's musical trivia question. No Jack Dempsey answers allowed!