HELENA - The Montana Historical Society (MHS) invites families in Western Montana to apply for listing in the Centennial Farm and Ranch Register. While owners of such properties across the state are encouraged to participate, to date, applications from qualifying farmers and ranchers in the western part of the state have lagged far behind their eastern counterparts.

Farms and ranches held in the same family for more than 100 years will receive a framed certificate signed by the governor, the ranch/farm history printed online and in our periodic Centennial Farm and Ranch book, and a durable, metal roadside sign. The 24-inch by 36-inch UV-coated signs are a recent addition to the program, thanks to support from the Montana Department of Agriculture and the Donnelley Family Foundation.

Application requirements include:

· Proof of continuous ownership by members of the same family for a minimum of 100 years

· Proof that the property is a working farm or ranch with a minimum of 160 acres or, if fewer than 160 acres, must have gross yearly income of at least $1,000

· One current owner must be a Montana resident

Since 2009, the MHS Centennial Farm and Ranch program has recognized our state’s agricultural traditions by celebrating the perseverance and stewardship of Montana families on their farms and ranches. By honoring generations of hardworking people who have owned their land for 100 years or more, we help preserve Montana’s strong agricultural roots and the stories and traditions that define our rural communities.

Download all requirements and the application HERE.


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