"Nat-The-King-Cool-Cole" we used to call him, & tomorrow (Tuesday) night, down in Fort Benton, there's going to be a marvelous tribute to the legend as Choteau County Performing Arts presents "Too Marvelous for Words: A Celebration of the Nat King Cole Trio" at the Fort Benton Elementary School Auditorium. Show time is 7 o'clock SHARP in the auditorium.  Tickets are $15 with ALL Choteau County students being admitted for FREE! What is your favorite Nat King Cole song? Mine? That's easy...it would be "That Sunday That Summer." Check it out sometime & here's hoping you can attend Tuesday evening's performance, "Too Marvelous for Words" as Peter Smith, John Storie, Alex Frank, & Robert Perkins present a FUN & swingin' journey into the early days of the King. They will effortlessly weave together music AND stories creating a Tuesday evening that is fun, informative & leaves you tapping your feet. I'm hoping they'll do "That Sunday That Summer!

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