In the wake of the tornado that struck Nashville early on Tuesday morning (March 4), Eric Paslay and his family are shaken but unharmed. The country singer checked in on social media, posting a picture of himself with his wife, baby daughter and a first responder in front of the wreckage in their yard.

"Thank you so much for reaching out to check on us," Paslay wrote in the caption of his post. "It was an incredibly scary night with a direct hit from the tornado. Fortunately, we had enough warning to get downstairs to our shelter with an additional 30 seconds to spare before it was on top of us."

During the storm, Paslay was at his East Nashville home with his wife, Natalie, and their daughter, Lily Piper Paslay, who was born in December of 2018. Despite the close call, the singer said, he was immensely grateful for the family's safety and for the community around them.

"We are smiling in this picture because we are beyond happy and grateful to be standing together, unharmed, surrounded by the best friends, neighbors, volunteers and first responders you could ever hope for," he goes on to say, adding that not everyone affected by the storm was so lucky.

"We are smiling in this picture because at the time it was taken, we didn't realize that there were lives lot," Paslay writes. "We are so sad and are hurting for those families and their losses. Hold your loved ones tight."

Over two dozen people have died throughout Middle Tennessee as a result of the tornado, which ripped through Wilson County, Benton County and Putnam County in addition to hitting Nashville. In Music City alone, over 40 buildings have been destroyed and several others have sustained damages.

A number of country stars have checked in and shared their support in the wake of the devastating storm. In the hardest hit areas of Nashville, many are still without power, while others have lost their homes or sustained damages to their living spaces. Go here to learn how to help those across Middle Tennessee affected by the tornado.

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