The Montana State Parole board gave a resounding NO to convicted Montana murderer Frank Dryman recently, & this afternoon (Thursday) at 4:30, Dr. Clem Pellett, grandson of Clarence Chester Pellett, the man who the then 19 year old Dryman killed back in 1951. With the help of an investigative team, Clem tracked down Dryman & returned the former Arizona wedding chapel proprietor to the Cross Bar Hotel. Clem's presentation, "Montana Justice," focuses on the affirmation of family & belonging, & his book, "Dastardly," is based on Clem's research into the Dryman case. How good is the book? How good is the story? Good enough to make a movie(!), & Clem will be bringing along Fred Fontana from California who's a seasoned veteran of the film business & plans to produce a movie on the infamous Frank Dryman & the murder of Clem's grandfather. I'm hoping somehow, some way I can get a part IN the movie, perhaps as a radio newscaster (like DJ Mark) who covers Dryman's trial & gives periodic reports from the Toole County Courthouse. I'll find out more this afternoon when we welcome Dr. Clem Pellett & Frank Fontana back to Shelby. Should I get the movie role, I plan on wearing one of those wide brimmed hats with a big sign on it that reads "PRESS." Looking forward to catching up with Clem & his Hollywood friend this afternoon at 4:30 on the Puffman Show.