As your community law enforcement agency our fundamental responsibilities include serving the community and safeguarding lives and property. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to present challenges that are unique. Likewise, the methods with which we serve this community must adapt to the unique challenges. Due to recent COVID-19 positive cases and quarantine directives among our law enforcement personnel, we have elected to bring in outside agencies to assist us continue to provide 24/7 law enforcement service.

Toole County Sheriff, Donna Witt, and her deputies, have graciously offered their assistance on their days off. When you see Toole County law enforcement vehicles patrolling in the City of Conrad know that when our City needed assistance serving and safeguarding our citizens, Toole County was there to help. For that we are grateful and we offer them our thanks. The officers from Toole County have sworn to serve and protect the Citizens of Conrad and Pondera County and they have the full authority that any other local law enforcement officer would have. Though these times are uncertain and we all face challenges that we have not seen before, we continue to stand united with our counterparts throughout this great state.

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