Today (Friday) is National Crayon Day, a day I look forward to every year with the anticipation & excitement of a kid on Christmas Eve. Thanks to the Crayola folks back in Easton, Pennsylvania, they're replacing dandelion yellow in their 24-pack with a crayon in the "BLUE Family!" The sheer nerve!! Crayola says it will be up to us fans to come up with a name for the replacement color. Man! This is only the THIRD time in Crayola's long history that it's retired 1 or more colors, & the FIRST time it's swapped out a color in its box of 24! Other colors that previously got the royal boot include maize, raw umber & orange yellow. BLUE?! Are these people a bunch of Democrats or WHAT! I DO know this...Easton, Pennsylvania, is basically connected on to Allentown, Pennsylvania, much like our own Great Falls to Black Eagle. Perhaps Billy Joel was right when he sang about Allentown. Happy National Crayon Day...bah humbug.

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