'Dance Baby Dance' is one of the finest songs of Chris Cagle's career -- perhaps his best ballad. A few fathers (and maybe a couple of mothers) will be wiping away tears before the end of the first verse. He hits that sweet spot between familiar and hokey. 

'Dance Baby Dance' is a circle of life song from the perspective of a father to his daughter. Time is slippery, something that's pointed out with every emotional lyric. "I walk through my front door / She’s right there like the day before / Saying daddy, please, play with me / Right there in the living room / In a pony tail and the ballet shoes / I spin her round, she says out loud / I wish this song will last forever," Cagle sings.

Credit Cagle's production team with creating a landscape that's equal to his vocal performance. Understated yet somehow urgent, he weaves through the young girl's life in vivid detail.

"Dance, baby, dance / I don’t ever wanna leave this moment / Dance, baby, dance / Cause right now I know I’m the only one / Baby, dance, dance, baby, dance. Baby, dance," he cries out during each chorus. Perhaps it's a little predictable, but the best stories often are.

In the second verse Cagle tries to act tough in front of his baby girl as she heads away for college. "I’ll just smile and tell her yes / And try to hide this big old mess / Inside my heart as she starts the car / That’s why I wish this song would last forever."

Certain songs fall to certain singers for a reason, and you wouldn't have to know this singer to assume he has a little girl at home. The sincerity comes through with every note. It's the perfect new addition to one's wedding playlist.

4.5 Stars

Listen to Chris Cagle, 'Dance Baby Dance'

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