Kenny Chesney is getting set to release 'Life on a Rock,' an album which he says he had ultimate creative freedom while recording: "It felt like I had no boundaries."

The star lives on an island, which helped inspire the title of the album. His music has long displayed a laid-back island influence, and that extends even further for the new disc, on which he collaborated with the Wailers for a straight-up reggae track titled 'Spread the Love.'

"They called and asked if I would write the lyrics to a track they did a few years ago," Chesney tells Billboard, adding that it placed a lot of responsibility on him to get it finished right. The track also features Elan.

Chesney wrote many of the songs for the new album over a period of ten years, and under no time or schedule constraints, since he wasn't sure what he was writing them for -- or even whether they would eventually be recorded. "I didn’t have to fit any formula, or worry about if a song was three minutes," he observes.

The new album also features a collaboration with Willie Nelson on 'Coconut Tree.' While it may seem like somewhat of a departure from past efforts, Chesney argues that's exactly what makes it special. "I’ve spent a lot of time pushing the envelope, myself, and my fan base to see where this dream would take me. I love the fact that it has brought me to this place where I can write these songs," he states. "Whether it’s viewed as taking a chance or not, I’m at a place in my life where I can play these songs for people. It’s so honest and authentic, and I’m proud of it."

'Life on a Rock' is slated for release on April 30.

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