Carrie Underwood changed directions with the release of 'See You Again' as the fourth single from 'Blown Away.' The ballad is anything but dark and stormy. Instead it's an inspirational reminder that will be especially meaningful to fans who have lost someone close recently. 

The album version begins with a thin piano and drum machine, both of which seem ripe for the chopping block if a country edit is released. Needless to say this isn't the most country single Underwood has cut, but it could do easy listening radio stations and even at a future GMC Dove Awards ceremony.

"I will see you again, oh / This is not where it ends / I will carry you with me, oh / 'Til I see you again," Underwood sings during each chorus. Lyrically, the singer, David Hodges and Hillary Lindsey have penned a strong, if slightly featureless message. There's nothing edgy about 'See You Again,' which was no doubt the intent.

"I can hear those echoes in the wind at night / Calling me back in time / Back to you / In a place far away where the water meets the sky / The thought of it makes me smile / You are my tomorrow," she adds during a better second verse.

There are more powerful songs on 'Blown Away,' but those -- like 'Good Girl,' the title track and 'Two Black Cadillacs' -- are riskier and more adventuresome. 'See You Again' as a single is aimed at a specific audience, one that might have been turned off by the singer's recent bad girl stylings. For everyone else, it's a harmless four minutes that will hopefully lead to a stronger ballad ('Forever Changed') or rowdier country jam ('Cupid's Got a Shotgun') as a future offering.

2.5 Stars

Listen to Carrie Underwood, 'See You Again'

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