During a Thanksgiving Day halftime performance at the Detroit Lions vs the Chicago Bears football game, the Brothers Osborne ran into some serious technical difficulties.

Just a few seconds after beginning their performance, as the duo launched into the first verse of "Stay a Little Longer," a power outage brought the show to a screeching halt. The music cut out, the crowd roared in disappointment and the broadcast didn't cut away, leaving the very confused country act standing awkwardly onstage in silence.

Sportscasters Joe Buck and Troy Aikman scrambled to fill the dead air, saying "The crowd [is] almost willing this to happen," of the boos and grumbles coming from the sidelines (quote via People.) A few minutes passed, the duo was able to resume their performance.

The Lions subsequently issued a statement explaining the technical snafu. "At the start of today's Thanksgiving Day Classic halftime show at Ford Field, parts of the stadium lost power due to an outside utility failure. Though it was quickly restored, the sound system transmitter required two minutes to reset and reconnect," the statement explained. "We appreciate the patience and support of our fans and thank Brothers Osborne for a great performance."

Fan reactions ranged from light-hearted to enraged, but it was perhaps the Detroit Free Press's Twitter account that got the last laugh. "The just Detroit-Sports'd this halftime show," the tweet read.

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