QUALITY Montana publisher, Riverbend Publishing out of Helena, has done it again! I'm strongly encouraging you to check this beautiful coffee table publication, "Shot In Montana: A History of Big Sky Cinema. "Shot in Montana" is written by Helena's Brian D'Ambroscio, & stars "MONTANA" & features some 93 films. For nearly a century, movies have been made here in Big Sky Country. From megahits with the biggest Hollywood stars to acclaimed independent films & forgettable flops, nearly 100 movies have been made, in whole or in part, IN Montana. NOW, for the 1st time, this treasure trove of filmmaking from our Treasure State has been thoroughly researched & documented as Montana author Brian D'Ambrosio describes every movie, including the actors, directors, & shooting locations, & reveals fascinating stories & incidents that took place behind the camera. "Shot In Montana" features 120 photos & interviews with actors & filmmakers. No doubt about it, "Shot in Montana" is a blockbuster adventure through our state's cinematic history. Check out "Shot in Montana: A History of Big Sky Cinema" from Riverbend Publishing at: www.riverbendpublishing.com (866 787 2363) & then get ready for a real cinematic adventure in the comfort of your own home. THIS is "Armchair Traveling" at it's finest!