I'll be up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby tonight (Tuesday) reading, sharing & enjoying some more Montana history. We're about half way through the book, "Montana's Waldron Creek Fire: The 1931 Tragedy & The Forgotten Five," expertly written by Missoula's Dr. Charles Palmer. Dr. Palmer currently sits on the board of directors & is the director of human performance for the First Twenty, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health of American firefighters. he also serves as a historian for the National Smokejumper Association. In his book, "Montana's Waldron Creek Fire, Dr. Palmer writes of August 25, 1931, when FIVE men DIED fighting the devastating Waldron Creek Fire west of Choteau. He shines a light on this important story, finally honoring the heroic sacrifice that led to critical changes in wildland firefighting.I'm already looking forward to reading MORE Montana History at 6 o'clock SHARP this evening at the Heritage Center.