This weekend's Crook and Chase Countdown is loaded with all the elements needed to make any Cinco de Mayo one to remember...or at least TRY to remember !

Maddie and Tae bring Lorianne and Charlie up to speed with their resurgent career, new single and upcoming album. (Photo: Premiere)

The boys join Lorianne and Charlie in studio to explain how the party gets in high gear with a simple push of a button, and wait til you hear about their own "animal house" type experience !

Maddie and Tae are BACK ! A couple of years ago they faced some unforeseen challenges which, in the long run, have made them stronger and even more creative. Their new single FRIENDS DON'T is a preview of their soon to be released "concept" album. These resilient young ladies are in studio with C and C in to share all the details, including how this song just might qualify them as "matchmakers" !
Luke Bryan has a plan for Nashville's lightning fast growth, especially when it comes to the country music community ! He brought his soapbox and he's on top of it !
Plus, party recipes to grill, chill, and thrill ! The top 30 hits and a musical celebration of Cinco de Mayo on this weekend's Crook and Chase Countdown !