If you’re going to have a homemade cannon, please know how to use it.  Actually, how about never, ever use it because something like this could happen.

The incident took place in the rural town of Portrero, near the California-Mexico border. The woman’s lover, 39-year-old Richard Fox, was reportedly drinking late into the night, when he filled his homemade cannon with powder from fireworks and ‘accidentally’ fired it into their trailer park home. The woman’s 4-year-old daughter and three other adults were sleeping inside when shrapnel struck the mobile home.

We found it interesting that Fox could afford a cannon, but couldn’t afford to not live in a trailer home. Also, where do you park a cannon in a trailer park? Maybe in between the broken down Camaros?

Fox was treated for shrapnel injuries and then arrested on charges of causing an explosion that lead to the death of his girlfriend.

Check out the video report of the incident and possibly the worst news graphic ever.

[Via CBS]