Speaking of the old "Piano Man", our Shelby High School is in need of EXTRA pianos. The Shelby High School is going to be hosting the District Music Festival next month, Friday & Saturday, April 12th & 13th. The school needs these "extra" pianos to accommodate the many performances scheduled throughout the April weekend. I & T will be in charge of transportation of ALL pianos on Wednesday, April 10th. Brother, can you spare a piano? Please contact Darcy White at 424 5749 if you would be willing to loan your piano for this spectacular spring event. Don't worry about a thing, your pianos will be returned on the Monday, April 15th, following the District Music Festival. Tickle those ivories & get ready for the District Music Festival here in Shelby.Just like the old REO Speedwagon album says, "You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can't Tuna Fish!