It's sounds pretty new age to this semi-old blog writer, but that's what Jaden Sterling is. Jaden is a modern-day alchemist who helps people transform their ordinary lives into extraordinary ones. After achieving success at a young age, Jade established "The Wealth Mastery Institute" to share principles he & others have used to create exceptional lives. I'm already living one...I'm in the swinging, swirling world of show business...I'm the Puffman! Jaden Sterling has a hot new book now available, "The Alchemy Of True Success". He says that this tome will activate your mind, revitalize your body, & reignite your spirit & the book is now available at: Jaden says that "abundance comes to those who bless others" & that makes perfect sense to this Small Town USA guy! Jaden lives up in beautiful Invermere, British Columbia with his wife, kids, & TWO pet turtles that actually have names! Check out "The Alchemy Of True Success". Me? I'm going to check out what an "alchemist" is. Perhaps it the term for a pharmacist north of our border.