We'll finish up our Mary Ronan (Girl From The Gulches) book tonight during Montana History up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby. About 15 pages to go & we'll find out how, when, & why Mary's husband, Peter, crosses over. I'm more than forward to begin Lenore McKelvey "Buick" Puhek's 4th read, "No Time for Tears", her historical novel based upon stories about real people who came to live & work in Montana Territory. "No Time For Tears" is a continuation of the Hicks & Frey families we have previously enjoyed reading about at the Heritage during Tuesday evening Montana History. "No Time for Tears" would make a wonderful Christmas gift & it's available from Lenore at: Lenore McKlevey Puhek; P.O. Box 6002; Helena, Montana 59601 or email: lpukey@gmail.com. (406 443 2552). Lenore is a great writer & I suspect that she came up with the title for this gem from a remark her mechanic made to her when he presented Lenore with the bill for repairing her Buick several years back..."No time for tears Lenore, pay up!" See you tonight at 6 for more Montana History at the Heritage.