It's "The Good Life" and they're living it up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby. It's retirement living at it best and I'll be visiting the Heritage once again tomorrow (Tuesday) evening at 6 to read "Montana History" to some of the residents. Marias Heritage Center's goal is to provide their residents with a secure, caring and comfortable environment that allows a fully, enriched and dignified life. My goal to is try and read some Montana history and not mispronounce too many of the danged words! We just started reading Ellen Baumler's "Montana Moments-History on the Go" and Ellen's (who's the interpretive historian for the Montana Historical Society in Helena) book distills the most funny, bizarre, and interesting stories from Montana's history into pure entertainment. There is a colorful cast of the famous and not-so-famous desperadoes, vigilantes, madams (I'm the Puffman and my face is turning red), and darned good men and women (and a few critters) who made the state's history. And you thought you all had some wacky relatives in your family! See you tomorrow night at 6 for Montana History at the Heritage. For more information about retirement living and being waited on hand and foot with no snow to shovel, no grass to cut, no meals to prepare, and someone who brings you your pills with a cool glass of water, please feel free to contact Judy Richman, the director, at the Marias Heritage Center in Shelby at 434 3290. These folks, in my opinion, are living the "life of Riley" up there!