This coming Sunday, September 11th, we are all being encouraged to display an American flag outside our homes, apartments, offices, and stores. I believe that all of us should make it our duty this Sunday to display Old Glory on this 10th anniversary of one of this country's worst tragedies. I found myself watching some "clips" last evening on CNN and living it all over again. We should all proudly display the flag this Sunday to honor all of those who lost their lives on 9/11, their loved families, friends and loved ones who continue to endure and live with the pain, not to mention those who today are fighting here at home and overseas to preserve our cherished freedoms. I recall that in the days, weeks and months after 9/11, this country was bathed in American flags as citizens mourned the tremendous losses and stood should-to-shoulder against terrorism. Sadly, those flags have all but disappeared. Our patriotism has pulled us through some difficult times and it shouldn't take another attack to galvanize us in solidarity. This country, in my opinion, is way too polarized now and I don't see it getting any better any time soon what with another presidential looming. Our flag is the fabric of our country and together we should be able to prevail over terrorism of all kinds. I don't care if you're Republican, Democrat, right, left, conservative, liberal, blue, red or don't take much of an interest in politics. I know a lot of you don't judging by the overall voter turnout in any city, county, state, or even NATIONAL election. Americans SHOULD fly the flag year round but I think this Sunday, September 11th is more important than ever. God bless America!