What: First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park Annual Montana Atlatl Mammoth Hunt.

 When:  Saturday, Sunday & Monday, Sept. 1-3,  9 a.m. - 5 p.m. daily.

 Where: First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park, 3.5 miles north of Ulm from I-15, take Exit 270.

 Who:  Regional members of the World Atlatl Association, in conjunction with First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park staff and volunteers.

 Come try your hand at an ancient form of hunting! The atlatl – a throwing stick that increases the leverage of the human arm to propel a spear or dart – is a 10,000-year-old weapon that predates the bow and arrow. Over Labor Day Weekend, visitors also will have the chance to shoot primitive bows and to throw tomahawks.

 At the 24th Annual Montana Atlatl Mammoth Hunt, several target ranges will be set up along one section of the trail near the visitor center. Visitors should wear hiking boots, or comfortable shoes for off-trail travel.

 A learning station will be set up for bow, tomahawk and atlatl for those unfamiliar with them. If you’ve never thrown an atlatl spear, you can spend time at the learning station, receive instruction and step forward to practice your newfound skill.

 First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park is one of the largest buffalo jump sites in the world. The visitor center and interpretive trails tell the story of the people, the animals and the landscape of the buffalo culture. In the 2011 summer season (May—August) more than 10,000 people visited this state park.

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