Puffman here inviting you to join me this afternoon (Monday) at 4:30 on Puffman Musical Trivia. I'm giving away a copy of "The Dead Celebrity Cookbook" & as the title implies, these people are all dead but the book is a "Resurrection of Recipes from More Than 145 Stars of Stage & Screen. Frank DeCaro, best known for his years as the flamboyant movie critic on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" has put together this tasty treat with celebrity recipes & Hollywood memories from 6 feet under the mistletoe. They're all here from Lucille Ball's Brazil nut stuffing to John Lennon's hot cocoa. This star-studded cookbook promises to get even the biggest Scrooge in the holiday spirit & will have you saying your "ho, ho, ho's in true Hollywood style for many years to come. Word has it that Rock Hudson's Cannoli is delicious but I might have to pass on this one! One of my hero's, Robert Mitchum, has a great recipe for eggnog that includes 12 egg yolks, 1 pound of sugar, 2 quarts cream, 1 quart milk, 12 egg whites, AND 1 quart of rum, brandy, or whiskey(!)...no wonder it always looked like the late Mitchum was slurring his lines! Oh, uh, one more thing...Peter Falk's pork chops are in here & if they were good enough for Columbo, they're good enough for me. See you at 4:30 today for Puffman Musical Trivia...1st caller in with the correct answer to my musical trivia question wins a copy of this timely publication from HCI, The Life Issues Publisher. Check out "The Dead Celebrity Cookbook" at www.hcibooks.com.