Our beautiful Orpheum Theatre down in Conrad is the only small, INDEPENDENTLY OWNED venue in North-Central Montana that has new digital movie equipment. A fund drive was started back in January, resulting with the purchase & installation of this fantastic movie system in June. With so many of us wanting the Orpheum to be a viable part of the downtown Conrad community, the Pondera Arts Council was blessed with gifts & donations totaling over $70,000. PAC is indeed delighted with the magnificent support. I have to tell you from a personal experience, that the movie picture quality, and especially the sound quality, is better than ever in this wonderful venue. There's not just movies at the Orpheum, we had the chance to enjoy the Vigilante Players last Saturday evening in "House Arrest" & it was SRO...standing room only! Next up on their live concert schedule is "A Fall Concert" by Erik "Fingers Ray" & Rastus, Erik's ventriloquist's dummy sidekick. I can always relate to a dummy! This promises to be a wonderful Sunday afternoon of music & comedy. I'm looking forward to Helen Elliot stopping by the Puffman Show to share more on this autumn event. A tip of our towers to everyone who gave money to PAC to buy & install the new digital movie equipment. Try out a movie and/or live concert at the Orpheum, Conrad's beautiful, hometown movie theatre that YOU helped build. Save two on the aisle for me & extra butter on the popcorn!