We'll be drawing the curtain on author Donna Gray's extraordinary stories of Montana ranch women this evening (Tuesday) at the Marias Heritage Center in our "Montana History" reading. I think we have all enjoyed the book, "Nothing To Tell" & it turns out these 12 old ranch women DID have a lot to tell & after some 237 pages, I think we have heard it all! The book was an eye opener for me...I knew things were tough in the old days but "tough" is too mild of term for the hardship & backbreaking work these women faced. I mean we're talking about living on dirt floors with no electricity, no running water, no heat, no automobiles, no refrigeration, no telephones AND NO TELEVISION! These modern day folks who are always complaining & grousing about anything & everything, could well take a lesson from these hearty lady pioneers. I wouldn't had put up with it...I would have either moved back east to civilization or taken the gas pipe. Then again, that's me & probably just as well that I WASN'T a pioneer. We have all enjoyed the book & I look forward to finishing the last 30 pages or so tonight up at the Heritage Center. I suspect next week that we may be starting the book "Glacier From the Inside Out: Best Stories from The Inside Trail" by Ray Djuff & Chris Morrison. I hope Djuff & Morrison had an easier time of it over in Glacier. Those old pioneer Montana ranch women were starting to bring me down! See you this evening at 6 for "Montana History" at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby.