I'm already thinking about going up to the Marias Heritage Center this evening (Tuesday) to read Montana History. I'm really getting into this current book we're reading, "Helena author Lenore McKelvey Puhek's (it rhymes with Buick but she doesn't drive one) "Forever Friends". It's the saga and journey of two families from Civil War Virginia (I think they were on the WRONG side of the war!) to Montana Territory 1860-1868. Quite truthfully, I have learned more about the Civic War in the first six chapters of Lenore's book than I ever I learned in school. She is a remarkable award winning author and tells a remarkable tale. In fact, this book is her third book in a series featuring pioneer women. I also and digging the layout of the book because the tall handsome dapper man on the cover sweeping the young lass on her feet looks like me...I'm the Puffman. Tuesdays are always "good days" for me because I enjoy my reading in the sun room at the beautiful and spacious Marias Heritage Center. It's gracious carefree living, they fix your meals, shovel the walks, and bring you pills. In my opinion, I don't see how life can get much better.