It's a lavishly illustrated history of Minnesota railroads from the romance of steam locomotives & luxurious passenger travel to the prosperous engines of transportation. It's all here in this BEAUTIFUL coffee table presentation by Steve Glischinski from the University of Minnesota Press. This book is a KEEPER! It's "Minnesota Railroads: A Photographic History, 1940-2012" & it's available from the University of Minnesota Press at: "The Great Northern Railway, in the eventful year of 1941, met every requirement made of it as the Nation hurriedly prepared for war." So Great Northern's president spoke of the Minnesota railroad that transported the tanks & airplanes, material & troops, that were critical to America's military success. This illustrated volume offers an enlightening-& irresistibly entertaining-look at Minnesota railroads from that shining moment near the end of the romantic era of steam locomotives & luxury passenger lines to the reemergence of railroads as one of the few profitable transportation industries in our day. Remarkable photographs, many never before published, take us inside the cab of a monumental steam locomotive, which hauled iron ore from the Mesabi Range, & into the lounge car of the luxurious North Coast Limited steamliner. You'll visit the huge shops that worked on massive locomotives & go trackside to witness the morning rush hour at the St. Paul Union Depot. Author Steve Glischinski began taking photographs of railroads in 1970, at the Tom Thumb age of 13. Since then, his photographs of railroads in action have been published in many books & magazines. Steve is a correspondent for "Trains Magazine" & organizes railroad photography charter trips & the Railfan Weekend at the Lake Superior Museum. He's the author of several books on railroading & has even been a guest here on the Puffman Show a few years back. My name is "PUFF" & if you're a railroad BUFF like me, you're in for the ride of your life!