The Old Fishing Hole returns for another season tonight (Thursday) during our Action Packed 5 O'Clock News Hour on KSEN AM 1150. All my "Fishing Friends" will be joining me again this fishing season on the 'ol Fishing Hole...Rovin' Don Groven at the tire shop is back (minus a toe...(fishing mishap!) with the Fresno Reservoir action out of Havre, Dallas Denter at the cleaners with the Tiber Tales from Chester, Bruce Auchley from Fish, Wildlife, & Parks down in Great Falls, &, of course, Bob Kovatch, located near the water at Lake Francis in Valier. AND...that's not all the good news...DIG THIS...our Old Fishing Hole will continue into the month of September this year! See you later this afternoon for the Old Fishing Hole, & if you have any fishing information, tips, stories, tales, me: Jerry Puffer; Executive Producer of the Old Fishing Hole.