I'm giving it away tomorrow (Saturday) morning on Puffman Sports Trivia at 7:30. It's the very special Christmas book, "The Sparkle Box"...a gift with the POWER to change Christmas! "The Sparkle Box" is a compelling holiday children's book based on a Christmas tradition that author, Jill Hardie, her husband & their 2 children began 8 years ago. Every year, the Hardie family places a "Sparkle Box" under their Christmas tree as a gift for Jesus on His birthday. Jill wrote "The Sparkle Box" to spark a new Christmas tradition within other families-one that honors the TRUE meaning of the holiday.. A "Sparkle Box" is included in the back of this book that that I'll be giving away on Puffman Sports Trivia & can be easily put together by children as they think of their own gifts to give during the holiday season. The book shares ideas of special gifts that families & children can give in honor of Jesus' birthday. These gifts-such as giving warm blankets to the homeless & food for the hungry-can then be jotted down & placed in the enclosed Sparkle Box, to be opened on Christmas morning. The illustrations are truly beautiful, inspired by painters such as Norman Rockwell & Maxfield Parrish. Christine Kornacki, the illustrator, was classically trained as a reaiistic oil painter. Her illustrations are rich & full of emotion! Check out "The Sparkle Box" at; TheSparkleBox.IdealsBooks.com from ideals children's books, an imprint of Ideals Publications, A Guideposts Company & listen to win tomorrow morning at 7:30 on Puffman Sports Trivia. I've got a great sports trivia question about a Walt Disney character tomorrow morning!