Eleven area 4-H members spent considerable time over the past month learning skills to share with others through the Teton County 4-H Demonstration contest held on Saturday, April 13. Thank you to Teton Co Agent Jane Wolery for sharing these photos:

 Abigail Konen started off the afternoon with the art of pysanky, Ukrainian egg decoration.  Konen, who was a top-place finisher in last year’s state competition, did not disappoint the crowd.  Konen used a video camera and projector to enhance her presentation, so that the audience could see the intricate work and designs she applied to the eggs.  Konen was the only senior 4-H member (age 14-18) who presented at the event and was award top in the division.  One judge, Steve Perry, commented that Konen’s presentation was one of the finest he had ever seen and he has judged 4-H demonstrations at Montana 4-H Congress for the better part of a decade.

 The pre-junior group (ages 8-10) presented next. 

Bellamy Beadle enthusiastically showed how to make “monkey tails,” treats made from frozen bananas, covered in peanut butter and chocolate and re-frozen. 

She was followed by Sunny Woodhouse, who showed how to transfer images to wood using gel medium to make a nifty photo craft. 

Taylor Asselstine, a budding chef and hostess, showed how to prepare peanut butter sweeties that can be frozen and kept on hand to offer to guests who drop by. 

Captain Carson Crary landed for a few minutes to explain the physics behind flight and to teach the crowd how to make a paper peregrine airplane. 

Madeline Konen showed how to make a colorful trifle with chocolate cake, pink pudding, whipped cream and strawberries.  Mouths were watering when she finished. 

The junior group (ages 11-13) had extremely high quality presentations.  Showing the group a little Engine EKG was Connor Crary.  Connor shared his enjoyment of mechanics and motorcycles and demonstrated how to change the oil. 

Nicholas Konen used lights, eye lids and a homemade telegraph machine to communicate to the crowd in Morse Code.  He detailed the history of Morse Code and called it one of the top ten inventions of all time. 

Hannah Konen was on the scene next with her life-saving CPR skills.  She was very poised and professional as she presented.

Delaynie Beadle made bread dough into bunny buns for her demonstration. 

Watson Snyder finished up the day by sharing how to make a penny pincher bow using PVC pipe.  He was a very charismatic presenter and handled many questions from the crowd.

 Presenters, families and guests enjoyed a pizza and salad dinner and got to sample many of the recipes made during the demonstrations.  Games were enjoyed by all, followed by an awards presentation coordinated by Travis Standley, MSU Teton County Extension Agent. 

 Judges Corlene Martin, Steve Perry and Shelby Strutz had their work cut out to pick top finishers in each division.  Bellamy Beadle was awarded top in the pre-junior division, Watson Snyder placed first in the junior division and Abigail Konen was awarded a purple rating for her outstanding presentation.