The Gabby Cabby, New York City cabdriver Pete Franklin says the number one topic of conservation in the back of his hack this week is POLITICS. Pete will be joining me this afternoon (Friday) around 4:30PM and he's trying to tell me that EVERYONE in New York City is a Democrat. Who knows...this guy's cab always seem to veer to the right when he drives anyway. The Gabby Cabby has some amazing "True Tales". He also claims that close to $47,000 in change was left in the security trays at Kennedy Airport the year before last. Just how do you hale a cab on the streets of New York? Don't ask me, I'm not driving. Pete Franklin will explain it all later on this afternoon. No wonder they call him the "Gabby Cabby". Check out Pete's website...he's at Online Travel Home of The New York City Gabby Cabby.