Havre First Presbyterian Church Pastor John Bruington, will be joining me this afternoon (Monday) at 4:35 on the Puffman Show to talk some "horse sense" and also sharesome of his recently published book, "Out Our Way: Theology Under the Saddle". This book showcases his "Out Our Way: columns and cartoons, featuring Babe, Goliath and Jack, the Rez dog, that are published in the Havre Daily News" Church page on Fridays. The "Rev" has worked with people AND cattle in his 34+ years in the ministry, mostly in the west and he has come to the conclusion that cattle provide many parables that can be instructive and entertaining to people he never sees in church. Rev. Bruington started a weekly column called "Out Our Way", which was designed to share the Christian faith through stories and experiences gained while "under the saddle" with his big quarter horse, Goliath". Bruington says the idea was to share the faith through parables, not only to the members of his congregation, but to the "unchurched", those who don't regularly attend church services of any faith. The stories of Goliath are contained in this delightful presentation that Bruington hopes will spread God's word ever further. Goliath has received fan mail from Canada, Georgia, Texas and California, and this afternoon on the Puffman Show, we'll get to learn more about the infamous Goliath and also enjoy some good common "horse sense on the Hi Line." Immediately following my interview with Rev. Bruington this afternoon, I'll be giving away a copy of his book to one of our listeners.