My Thursday morning show is going to be fast and furious.   We'll start out with a live interview with Beep Grant at about ten minutes after 6 Thurs. morning.   Beep is the manager of the new "Glacier Family Foods," in Browning and the store is set to open next Wednesday April 4th.   Beep is hoping that the new Super Store will keep more people shopping at home.

We'll also have news about this week's upcoming Golf and Softball Tournaments, along with Sports Trivia.    Beep was wondering if he came on the show with me, if I would let him win Sports trivia.

During the 9:00 hour, my special guest will be Kari Dell.   Maybe you've seen her articles in the Glacier Reporter, The Valierian, The Cut Bank Pioneer Press and the Shelby Promoter.    Kari is also an aspiring writer who is just about to complete a modern western romance.

Following Kari, we'll visit with Lisa Clark of Shelby and Deb Brandon from Sunburst about Colorectal cancer awareness and screening.  Those are the highlights and there's a lot more in between.  Keep in mind that those latter two programs will be on KSEN AM 1150 only.