Well, it finally happened. That "Girl from the Gulches" got married last week while we were reading "Girl from the Gulches; The Story of Mary Ronan" up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby during our Tuesday evening "Montana History". Mary's married to the infamous Peter Ronan now & headed for the Blackfeet Indian Reservation where Peter will work as an Indian Agent. The guy's already tried newspaper publishing in Helena & 2 of his papers burned down. He also gave gold mining a shot & was ROBBED! Hopefully this agent gig will work out better for the both of them. We'll find out tonight at 6 when we read more "Montana History" up at the Heritage. I'm not sure what particular turns & twists this wonderful book will take along the way,newspaper on firenewspaper on fire but they must end up okay in the long run. I mean, if you can get a town AND a lake named after you, you must be doing something right. See you tonight at the Heritage.