Tall Todd, the custom cutter guy & his crew are cutting winter wheat & barley down in Forsyth this week. Todd reports that he was glad to get out of the Denver area when he did. He reports that they were about to float away down there, as the rains have arrived. Word received this morning (Thursday) is that the Lucky Linnebergs averaged 52 bushels on their total farm & that their dryland corn looks good with the recent rains helping out yield-wise. The dryland winter wheat at Forsyth ran 71 bushels, with protein ranging from 11.7. to 12.3%. Both the wheat & barley are trucked over to Billings, which is almost 100 miles away! Todd adds that the farmer said that if he sold on yesterday's market, the wheat was worth $5.25 per bushel. The barley looks good & thoughts were the 1st fields should run around 100 bushels, but the actual tally fell a little short. Short? Todd's "Tall" & he saw local commercial truckers from the Conrad area hauling into Billings from the Ryegate area, which is to the northwest of Billings. Around our Golden Triangle, there's lot of winter wheat being swathed, with combining toward Fort Benton & also toward the Chester area. Sounds to me from where I sit at the Blog Desk like there's a lot of repening weather in the future for the area. Here's hoping you all have a safe & bountiful harvest with hopes that the white combine doesn't arrive this year!