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What’s Up With The Ruskies?
We might find out tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 7:30 on Puffman Sports Trivia. The 1st listener who calls in with the correct answer to my sports trivia question pertaining to an infamous NFL player will WIN the book, "The Plot To Scapegoat Russia; How the CIA and the Deep State …
A B C! We’re On It!!
Our basketball tournament coverage keeps on churning & burning, & we'll be ON THE AIR today (Friday) with the Northern B Girls, State C Boys & State A Boys on our AM & FM stations. The Northern B Girls come to play on our AM (KSEN AM 1150) today with Shelby & Harlem at 1 this aft…
Thursday Scores

Eastern AA

First Round

Billings Senior 53, Billings West 52
Bozeman 66, Billings Skyview 44
Great Falls 45, Butte 41

Western AA

First Round

Helena 60, Kalispell Flathead 55
Kalispell Glacier 51, Helena Capital 36
Missoula Hellgate 58, Missoula Big Sky 48

State A at MSU

First Round

Billings Centra…
SPRING Over 2 12th Ave Today
Spring IS here if you ask me, & there's going to be a garden club meeting today (Thursday.) Our Toole County Garden Club will be meeting & greeting at High Noon today over at 334 12th Avenue here in Shelby. All are welcome & invited to attend. Being a &…
Allow Me 2 Add
Yesterday, I blogged about our Northern B Girls radio coverage today/tonight (Thursday) on our AM, KSEN AM 1150. We'll kick I allt off at 1 this afternoon with Shelby & Wolf Point, followed by Fairfield & Harlem at 2:30, & then Cut Bank & Poplar tonight at 8…
Northern B Comes Alive Tomorrow!
We're ON TOP of the Northern B Girls Basketball Tournament over in the Cut Bank High School gym. We'll be ON THE AIR tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon with Shelby & Wolf Point on KSEN AM 1150. Soon as the FUN is done with game 1, we'll broadcast Fairfield & Harle…
Welcome Back 2 The Luncheons
Our Shelby Lenten Luncheons begin TOMORROW (Thursday!) The 1st luncheon this season will begin at High Noon tomorrow afternoon over at St. William Catholic Church here in Shelby. As in all the wonderful years before, EVERYONE is welcome! Truly, spring really IS here...
High Wide & Handsome
No, no, I'm not blogging and/or bragging about myself, the Puffman. It's the our new read for Montana History tonight (Tuesday) up at the Marias Heritage Center. The book is, "Montana High, Wide, And Handsome," put together by Joseph Kinsey Howard with a preface by A…
& The WINNERS Are…
The WINNERS of the Toole County Spelling Bee from last night (Monday) are in! 2nd through 10th place winners are respectively: Kaden Haight from Shelby, Juliana Gonzaga from Shelby, Rowdy White from Shelby, Austin Habets from Sunburst, Josh Current from Sunburst, Meghan Benjamin from Shelby, Reese L…
FREE Showing FREE Giveaways!
There will be a FREE showing of "Screenagers" tomorrow (Tuesday) night here in Shelby. The "showing" will be over at the Shelby High School Auditorium at 6 o'clock SHARP! That's not all that's FREE either...our Toole County DUI Task Force will …
Spell It “r e s h e d u l e d”
The 2018 Glacier County Spell Bee set to go this afternoon (Monday) had be RESHEDULED for THIS Wednesday afternoon over at the CBHS Auditorium in Cut Bank. The time's the same though...3:45 in the afternoon. If you ask me, spelling IS more than important...
Saturday Scores

Billings Senior 68, Great Falls Russell 58
Billings Skyview 60, Bozeman 40
Billings West 52, Great Falls 47
Helena 57, Missoula Big Sky 55
Kalispell Flathead 65, Missoula Sentinel 62
Missoula Hellgate 60, Helena Capital 51
Eastern A at MetraPark

Loser Out

Billings Central 64, Laurel 39

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