The isolation door that is. It's Anish Majumdar's fiction debut, "the Isolation Door" & it's one powerful read. Journalist Anish Majumdar pens the story of 23 year old Neil Kapoor, who is desperate to create a life beyond the shadow of his mother's schizophrenia. Set in a college town, Neil's story in "the Isolation Door" reflects many true events from author Anish's life during his mother's decades-long battle with the mental illness. In "the Isolation Door", Neil plays silent witness to years of his mom's successive relapses & rehabiltations with schizophrenia. Amidst her latest breakdown, Neil seeks an exit. He attends drama school in pursuit of a role that might better express the truth of who he is. A relationship blooms with Emily & you'll have to read the book to see & experience what a life changing event this is for poor Neil. Anish Majumdar shares his personal stories on his blog at: & you can contact Anish DIRECTLY at: This riveting read is available at bookstores nationwide & is also issued in Kindle & ePub formats. "the Isolation Door" promises to open the DOORS of your mind!