Our friend, "Tall" Todd, the custom cutter fellow who works up here in the Golden Triangle every harvest season, has moved on to Oklahoma & is already harvesting! Todd claims that 67% of Oklahoma will NOT be harvested this year. Todd & his crew are working on "Lonesome" Larry Goyer's farm & what they have harvested is running around 18 bushels, compared with 12 to 15 in Texas. Speaking of Texas...some of the Texas wheat had plenty of weeds on account of recent rains. Todd & the boys are staring at approximately 3,000 acres to cut on "Lonesome" Larry's spread along with other neighbors in the area. How's the weather down there? I understand that the temperatures are running 100 degrees PLUS & the forecasters are predicting even MORE heat. It won't be long now until it's harvest time up here in north central Montana under our Big Sky & I'll be keeping you posted & updated on my Puffman Blog.