Puffman Musical Trivia doesn't take the day off today (Monday) & I was "Laboring" into the wee hours of the morning to come up with a neat trivia prize along with a GREAT Puffman Musical Trivia question for this afternoon. I've put together a musical trivia question on one of the cool TV shows from back when I was a teenager. I'll be giving away New York Times Bestselling Author's James Rollin's new hardback, a Sigma Force Novel, from HarperCollinsPublishers, "The 6th Extinction." In a masterful epic that combines timeless mystery & ripped-from-the-headlines scientific intrigue, Rollings takes humankind to its endpoint, to a fate inscribed in rock & ice. Whoa! "The 6th Extinction combines pulsating adventure, intriguing history, & cutting-edge advances in science & technology in a thrilling white-knuckle ride that delivers as only James Rollins can. Outside of our Action Packed 5 O'Clock News Hours this afternoon, this promises to be the most exciting segment of today's Puffman Show! See you at 4:30 this afternoon for more Puffman Musical Trivia.