It's Labor Day today (Monday)...a national holiday that originated back in the 1880's at the uging of union officials who wanted to show "The strength & esprit de corps of the trade & labor organizations." The U.S. Department of Labor submits that at one seminal event in New York City, "At first they were afraid that the celebration was going to be a failure. Many of the workers in the parade had to lose a day's pay in order to participate. When the parade got underway, only a handful of workers were in it, while hundreds of people stood on the sidewalk jeering at them. But then slowly they came-200 workers & band from the Jewelers' Union showed up & joined the parade. Then came a group of bricklayers with another band. By the time they reached the park, it was estimated that there were 10.000 marchers in the parade in support of workers." In 1894, Congress took up the idea & established it as an annual observation on the first Monday in September. Thus, THIS year, Labor Day comes on the earliest possible day, TODAY, September 1st! My only wish for today is that 2 of my heroes have some slack & get the day off because they deserve it. I'm talking about poor Dagwood Bumstead employed by that tyrant, Julius Dithers, at the J. C. Dithers Company, & Dilbert who has to answer to the Pointy Haired Boss! Here's to a safe, Happy Labor Day from the Puffman