On today's Extension Minute, Toole County Agent Joe Parks mentioned several MontGuide publications produced by the MSU Cooperative Extension Service to help you raise a more bountiful home garden this summer. MontGuides are free at your County Extension Service office, or as downloadable pdf's. Here are links to some of those that Joe mentioned:

Planting a Successful Home Vegetable Garden

Can I Grow That Here?: Vegetable Seeds and Transplant Schedules for Garden and Container

Hot Beds & Cold Frames for Montana Gardeners

Pruning Fruit Trees in Montana

Here are a few more titles that may be useful:

Yard and Garden Water Management

Poisonous Plants in the Home Landscape

Minimizing Deer Damage to Residential Plantings

Choosing Biennials and Perennials for Montana Gardens 

Successful Lawns

Harvesting and Saving Garden Seeds